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Music Packages - Weddings

Your wedding day marks a new beginning, and you want it to be perfect! From the flowers to the food, from the bride's dress to the setting, your wedding day is a reflection of you.

Absolute Music specializes in custom music planning, from special music for your ceremony to the finest cocktail, dinner and dance music. Following are some popular wedding options:


  • Solo piano (Keyboards)
  • Solo Acoustic Guitar
  • Duo: Piano & Flute (flute player also plays soprano & tenor sax)
  • Duo: Piano & Violin String Trio (Violin, Flute & Cello)
  • String Quartet (2 Violins, Viola & Cello)
  • Solo Harp Duo: Harp & Violin or Harp & Flute

Cocktail Music

  • All options listed above plus
  • Trio: Piano, Bass, Reeds (flute, soprano & tenor sax)

Dinner/Background Music

  • All options as above plus
  • Quartet: Piano, Bass, Reeds, Drums\
  • Quintet: Piano, Bass, Reeds, Drums, Guitar
  • DJ Services

Dinner/Dance Music

  • 5 - 15 piece band playing dance music between course service through dinner
  • DJ Services

Post Dinner Dancing (3 hours)

  • 4 - 15 piece live band playing dance music between course service through dinner
  • Continuous music including 5 - 15 piece live band and DJ services during band breaks

Note: A continuous music package is a four hour base package providing extended dancing for less money than a four hour live band package.

Note: The best options are to add musicians as the engagement progresses from ceremony to dancing. For example, begin with a duo (piano & flute) for your ceremony, move to a trio by adding a bass player for cocktails. Add drums to make a quartet for dinner music, then progress to dancing by adding guitar, trumpet, and a vocalist. (7 piece dance band)