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"Big Band Music" does not require a big band.
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Music Packages - Themes

Absolute Music specializes in custom music planning, from special music for your wedding to providing the finest in live musical entertainment for corporate holiday or theme parties.

Some of our popular theme packages include the following:

  • Jazz Cocktail/Dinner Groups: From Solo Piano to a Quintet
  • Dance Bands & Orchestras (All musical styles)
  • Classical performers: Solo Piano, Solo Guitar, Solo Harp, String Trios & Quartets
  • Traditional Dixieland Jazz: Stride Piano, Trios to Sextets
  • Cajun & Reggae/Calypso
  • Groups Mix of Contemporary Pop & Jazz (Synthetic/Electronic)
  • Blues and R&B Groups Classic Big Band Swing (5 - 15 musicians)
  • Classic Rock (1960's - 1980's)
  • Country/Blue Grass
  • Strolling Musicians, Continental Entertainment (Accordion/Violin Groups)
  • Latin Jazz, Salsa, Spanish
  • Ethnic Musical accents: Greek, Italian, Mexican